Still going strong, with our first release in 2003 we still continue to record and release new music regularly. Our releases are recorded at our purpose-built Embassy Studios, located in Upton Grey, Hampshire, UK lead by our in-house engineer Graham Dominy.

Take a look at our 15 year history and all our current releases. NB: Some albums may not be available to purchase due to limited runs of CDs produced.

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Cat. No. Release Name Artist/Band Release Buy Now
FT Darrel Higham 7 Inch Single 2018 Buy Now
FT Darrel Higham Believe What You Hear 2018 Buy Now
FT Rebel Dean Whole Lotta Shakin’ DVD 2018 Buy Now
FT Orville Nash Three Victories 2018 Buy Now
FT Eddie Martin & His Rhythm Cruisers Cadillac Joe 2018 Buy Now
FT Darrel Higham One For The Road 2018 Buy Now
FT Shakin’ Around Shake a Leg 2018 Buy Now
FT Laura Ashley and The Zacamando Combo Heart Full Of Hope 2018 Buy Now
FT Dime Store Dukes Can’t Stop Me From Dreamin’ 2018 Buy Now
FT Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 7 Ultimate Guitars 2017 Buy Now
FT Mouse Zinn The Embassy Recordings 2017 Buy Now
FT Hiway 51 Get’ta Ramblin 2017 Buy Now
FT Rockin’ Bandits Casino Baby 2017 Buy Now
FT Graham Fenton Rockabilly Legend 2017 Buy Now
FT Kurt Simms When You’re Smiling 2017 Buy Now
FT Darrel Higham Darrel Higham Meets Jittery Jack 2017 Buy Now
FT Rocky Burnette / Darrel Higham & The Enforcers Rockabilly Boogie 2017 Buy Now
FT The Rock a Toons Caught In The Crossfire 2017 Buy Now
FT Downtown Daddyo’s You Gotta Rock 2017 Buy Now
FT Memphis Lee And The Creepers Vinyl 45 2017 Buy Now
FT Oakville Pete City Life 2017 Buy Now
FT The Bobcats One More Shot 2017 Buy Now
FT The Bobcats Let’s Hear It Then 2017 Buy Now
FT161 Leave You For Dust The Rhythm Bombers 2016 Buy Now
FT153 I Can’t Resist The Big Kahunas 2015 Buy Now
FT154 Steamin’ On Backbeat Jivers 2015 Buy Now
FT155 Rock n Roll Gypsy Rebel Dean 2015 Buy Now
FT156 Looking Good The Heartbeats 2015 Buy Now
FT160 Chain Gang Blues Jack and The Real Deals 2015 Buy Now
MKLJDVD001 DVD Release Mark Keeley’s Good Rockin’ Tonight 2015 No Stock
FT125 Rockin’ at The Ritz DVD Mark Keeley’s Good Rockin’ Tonight 2014 No Stock
FT142 Boppin’ at Ya Black Kat Boppers 2014 Buy Now
FT143 Bernie Woods Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2014 Buy Now
FT144 2 For The Money The Kingcats 2014 Buy Now
FT145 Oi Oi Johnny Fox and The Hunters 2014 Buy Now
FT146 Roll On Johnny and The Jailbirds 2014 Buy Now
FT147 Done My Time Straight Aces 2014 Buy Now
FT148 A Little Mixed Up Rockin’ The Joint 2014 Buy Now
FT149 Crossin’ Your Path Black Cat Trio 2014 Buy Now
FT150 Honky Tonk Mood Orville Nash 2014 Buy Now
FT151 Haridin’ The Hayriders 2014 Buy Now
FT152 Jump For Joy Sweet Georgia Boys 2014 Buy Now
FT132 Cappucina Inteli-gents 2013 Buy Now
FT133 Rock, Roll and Stroll Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2013 Buy Now
FT134 You Gotta Move The Rock-a-toons 2013 Buy Now
FT135 Enjoy Yourself Downtown Daddyo’s 2013 Buy Now
AMBA008 Welcome To The Mainstream Caezars 2013 Buy Now
FT136 Paint The Town Porky’s Hot Rockin’ 2013 Buy Now
FT137 Live in Toyko Restless 2013 Buy Now
FT138 No Time for Heartache Lonesome Valley Boys 2013 Buy Now
FT139 Southern Style JJ King and The Coolers 2013 Buy Now
FT140 Savage Love Savage Hornets 2013 Buy Now
FT141 The Wild Angels Ride Again Wild Angels 2013 Buy Now
FT666 Rebellion Rebel Dean 2013 Buy Now
FTEP001 Vinyl Release Rebel Dean 2013 Buy Now
FT45002 Vinyl Release Savage Hornets 2013 Buy Now
FT126 Loving You The Kingcats 2012 No Stock
FT127 Crusin’ at The Embassy Midnight Crusaders 2012 No Stock
FT128 A Tribute To Billy Fury Rich Oades 2012 Buy Now
FT129 The Katmen The Katmen 2012 Buy Now
FT130 Into The Blue R.G & The Honeybees 2012 Buy Now
FT131 Sealed With a Kiss Bobcats 2012 Buy Now
FT111 Looney Tunes Lucas and The Dynamos 2011 Buy Now
FT112 Peace In The Valley Porky’s Hot Rockin’ 2011 Buy Now
FT113 Snatch It and Grab It Slicksville 2011 Buy Now
FT114 Rockin’ and Flyin’ Roosters 2011 Buy Now
FT115 Lift Off Wildwind 2011 Buy Now
FT116 One Night Only Rockin’ The Joint 2011 Buy Now
FT117 Red Hot and Rockin’ Black Cat Trio 2011 Buy Now
FT118 Gotta Roam Kansas City Cryers 2011 Buy Now
FT119 The Rare Essentials Inteli-gents 2011 Buy Now
FT120 It’s Time to Rock Jive Street 2011 Buy Now
FT121 All Night Long R.G & The Honeybees 2011 Buy Now
FT122 Come On and Dance Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2011 Buy Now
FT123 The Screaming End Bill Fadden and The Rhythmbusters 2011 Buy Now
FT124 What’s My Age Now Corsairs 2011 Buy Now
FT092 Fire is Hot Wildwind 2010 Buy Now
FT093 Don’t Lose Your Faith The Heartbeats 2010 Buy Now
FT095 Roll With It Bobcats 2010 Buy Now
FT096 6-5 Jive Jive Romeros 2010 Buy Now
FT097 Call Me Shorty Goldstares 2010 Buy Now
FT099 Rocket 88 Phil Haley and The Comments 2010 Buy Now
FT100 8 Balls Between Us Hustlers 2010 Buy Now
FT101 Back On The Road Hot Doggin’ 2010 Buy Now
FT102 Never Stop Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2010 Buy Now
FT103 Don’t Treat Me Like a Child Abbie Marie 2010 Buy Now
FT104 Introducing Rock-a-toons 2010 Buy Now
FT105 Cry Your Blues The Debonaires 2010 Buy Now
FT106 One Desire Bobcats 2010 Buy Now
FT107 Home In My Hand Jack The Rippers 2010 Buy Now
FT108 Southbound Train The Kingcats 2010 Buy Now
FT110 Your Daddy’s Long Gone Rockin’ Bandits 2010 Buy Now
FT083 Atom Bomb Love Johnny Gunner and The Raiders 2009 Buy Now
FT086 On Fire Bobcats 2009 Buy Now
FT088 Summertime Blues Porky’s Hot Rockin; 2009 Buy Now
FT089 For Rent The Wanderers 2009 Buy Now
FT090 You Don’t Know Me The Debonairs 2009 Buy Now
FT091 In The Mood The Kingcats 2009 Buy Now
FT094 Last Train To Memphis Last Train to Memphis 2009 Buy Now
FT061 Bang Bang The Wanderers 2008 Buy Now
FT064 Recharged Lucas and The Dynamos 2008 Buy Now
FT069 Back on Track The Kingcats 2008 Buy Now
FT070 This Time It’s Real Colin Evans 2008 Buy Now
FT071 Hotter Than Ever Porky 2008 Buy Now
FT072 Stone Cold Sober The Skyrockets 2008 Buy Now
FT073 Live at Bambry DVD Darrel Higham and The Enforcers 2008 Buy Now
FT075 Back Again Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2008 Buy Now
FT077 Rock You Sinners Wildcats North West 2008 Buy Now
FT078 English Roase Corsairs 2008 Buy Now
FT079 Fraudminded Hustlers 2008 Buy Now
FT080 All Fired Up Colin Paul and The Persuaders 2008 Buy Now
FT081 Hard Luck Baby Bill Crittenden and The Sweet Georgie Boys 2008 Buy Now
FT082 Lovers Question The Sundowners 2008 Buy Now
FT084 Henhouse Riot The Roosters 2008 Buy Now
FT085 Slow Down Baby Pete G and The Magnatones 2008 Buy Now
FT087 Tearing It Up DVD The Kingcats 2008 Buy Now
FT050 Monochrome Dream Darrel Higham and The Enforcers 2007 Buy Now
FT051 Full Throttle The Spitfires 2007 Buy Now
FT052 Further Down That Rocky Road Seannie Foy 2007 Buy Now
FT053 The Embassy Studios Rusti Steel 2007 Buy Now
FT056 Here Comes The Green Light Jive Romers 2007 Buy Now
FT057 Rockin’, Boppin’ and Strollin’ Wildcats North West 2007 Buy Now
FT058 On Your Doorstep The Strollers 2007 Buy Now
FT059 Where There’s a Life The Strollers 2007 Buy Now
FT060 Reflectin’ The Blues The Hullabalues 2007 Buy Now
FT062 A Teenage Dream Abbie Marie 2007 Buy Now
FT063 Flyin’ High Lee Gocher and The Sundowners 2007 Buy Now
FT042 Crazy With Love Darrel Higham 2006 Buy Now
FT044 One Single Yellow Rose Porky & The PinUps with Darrel Higham 2006 Buy Now
FT045 Looking Out My Back Door The Roughcuts 2006 Buy Now
FT046 Hot Love Bernie Woods and The Forest Fires 2006 Buy Now
FT047 Beer Borboun Rudy La Crioux and The All Stars 2006 Buy Now
FT048 In Technicolor Atomic Lepords 2006 Buy Now
FT049 On Night Blue Sapphires 2006 Buy Now
FT032 The Chair Doomsday Rockers 2005 Buy Now
FT036 A Fool About You Rockin’ Bandits 2005 Buy Now
FT037 Kick Start The Spitfires 2005 Buy Now
FT039 Rockin’ Chick and High Speed Rockets The Muskrats 2005 Buy Now
FT040 High Fly Tawny Owls 2005 Buy Now
FT043 Just Broken Out of Jail Colin Evans 2005 Buy Now
FT016 Shakers Shakers 2004 Buy Now
FT017 The Return Of Surfin’ Gorillas 2004 Buy Now
FT021 I’m Coming Home Cliff Edmunds 2004 Buy Now
FT022 Ricky Nelson Tribute Darrel Higham 2004 no stock
FT023 Shaking That Big Fat Arse Johnny Fox and The Hunters 2004 Buy Now
FT024 Setting The Woods on Fire River Boys 2004 Buy Now
FT025 Cigarettes & Coffee Blues Itchy Feet Rio 2004 Buy Now
FT026 Big Money Border Lines 2004 Buy Now
FT027 We’re Back Red Hot Rockin’ 2004 Buy Now
FT028 Let’s Grove Alan Mills 2004 Buy Now
FT029 Kingsville Pete Hutton and The Beyonders 2004 Buy Now
FT030 Living This Way Rocket 88 2004 Buy Now
FT031 Midnight Commotion Darrel Higham 2004 Buy Now
FT033 This One Goes to Twelve Grape Stompers 2004 Buy Now
FT034 Road to Memphis The Heartbeats 2004 Buy Now
FT035 Shark Attack Dave Hughes 2004 Buy Now
FT038 Party Time The Detours 2004 Buy Now
FT005 I’ll Never The Heartbreakers 2003 Buy Now
FT006 One Bitten Twice Shy Pete Hutton and The Beyonders 2003 Buy Now
FT007 Urban Jamboree Darrel Higham and The Enforcers 2003 Buy Now
FT008 No Turning Back Imelda May 2003 Buy Now
FT014 There Ain’t a Bump in the Road Rockin’ Bandits 2003 Buy Now
FT015 On Tour With Detours 2003 Buy Now
FT001 One More Star Hot Rockin 2002 Buy Now
FT002 Sweet Georgia Brown Darrel Higham 2002 Buy Now
FT003 Right on Track The Heartbeats 2002 Buy Now
FT004 Somewhere in the USA The Persuaders 2002 Buy Now